Top Tips for Raising a Healthy and Happy Doberman Puppy in Arkansas

Dobermans are noble, intelligent, and lively animals, which require proper handling, feeding, and training from the age of 2 months. If you are an Arkansan who adopted a Doberman puppy in the recent past, then below are some of the most important guidelines that are vital in ensuring that your new companion grows into a well-behaved healthy dog that will be a source of joy to your family for many years to come. Additionally, for those searching for Doberman Puppies for sale in Arkansas, these guidelines will help you raise a happy and healthy Doberman.

Provide Proper Nutrition

What Dobberman puppies need is a type of food that is for large-breed puppies only. There should be at least 25% protein and 12% fat in the dog’s food. It is also important to feed a large breed of puppy food to minimize the rate at which bones grow and thus reduce the risks associated with the same when they grow older. Avoid free feeding. The last tip is moderation and this entails eating scheduled meals depending on the age and recommended body weight. Ensure that clean water is always available and allow the animals to drink at frequent intervals.

Make Sure They Get Abundant Physical Activity And Exercise

Newborn Dobermans require a good amount of running and playing around and they are still young and hence require exercise. Walk your Doberman for only a few minutes each day and take him to a yard where he can play and get a ball all by himself with no fence to jump over. Bring with you toys such as balls, ropes and chew toys that you can use when you are inside the house. Do not let your pet run or jump a lot when they are still growing bones and joints until they reach up to one year when they are done with this part of development. To help your Doberman puppy’s brain develop socially, do obedience sessions and feeding tasks with food puzzle toys.

Provide Your Doberman Puppy With A Comfortable Sleeping Arrangement

Purchase a crate that should be large enough to accommodate the Doberman, and enable the dog to get up, lie down, and even turn around. Your puppy will sleep in the crate and can use it during the house training as well as discourage destructive actions. This can include soft blankets and toys for the dog to snuggle in whenever it is put in the crate. It is advisable to begin Crate Training during the daytime gradually introduce short naps in the crate and gradually increase the duration for nights.

Brush Their Coat Weekly

This breed has a short, sleek, and smooth coat which is moderately shedding. Introduce your Doberman to brushing from a tender age so that he or she will not struggle with it in the future. At least once a week, brush the skin to eliminate dead hair and the oils that coat the skin surface. They prefer a rubber brush or grooming glove designed for short-haired animals. Cleaning also helps to reduce the instances of matting as well as maintain healthy hair. They are prone to developing dried skin by frequently taking baths.

Look to the skin folds and clean out the ears

Doberman’s ears are naturally drooping, which makes it difficult for the ear canals to dry up, and develop wax and debris, thus leading to infections. You should clean the ear canals at least once a week to ensure no wax build-up occurs. Very simple, wash only what you can see, the rest remains unchanged. If in doubt, have your vet demonstrate the correct ear-cleaning technique. Some of the iconic features associated with Dobermans include the lips and the neck folds. Some of these areas may require washing with soap and water; ensure that you dry such areas well after your dog drinks. Yeast and bacteria that thrive in dark warm atmospheres and moist areas can easily penetrate the folds.


Like most of the Doberman’s breeds, the puppies are very fast to develop into powerful and energetic dogs. Give the Doberman pup the right kind of food, bath, and training. Provide exercises and other forms of care and attention from the very onset. This will ensure he grows up to be a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog. But with such determination and an energetic lifestyle, these dogs are friendly, loyal, and even affectionate, making them Dobermans. Dedicate your time, consistency, and effort during the early months and years with your Doberman. By doing this, you will build a strong bond. This bond is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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