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Top Cabinet Refacers in Mississauga: A Guide

Every Mississauga homeowner has a particular place in their heart for the kitchen since it is the center of the house. If you want to update your kitchen without doing a complete overhaul, refacing the cabinets is a popular and affordable solution. Therefore, we’ll explore the Cabinet Refacers Mississauga in the following article.

Best Cabinet Refacers In Mississauga

Sibra Kitchens

As for Mississauga-based Sibra Kitchens, they aim to be your go-to address for all things regarding kitchen renovations. Moreover, they complete floor fitting, cabinet evening, and whole new kitchen remodeling and redesigning. Major and minor renovations of the interior can be done with any of their contracting services to fit your kitchen. They state that they will partner only with credible contractors on these projects. Sibra’s proprietor, Derek, also has lots of experience in design. He possesses qualities that include experience in designing kitchens, interiors, and even cutting corners. 

Award Kitchen Refacers

The Award Kitchen Refacers team, with their knowledge and skills in cabinet renovations, specializes in helping homeowners save money on cabinet refacing. You will be guided toward the best products for your budget for all aspects of refacing. Once work begins, they will put in great effort to make the process enjoyable for you.  Their good services will entail listening to your needs in terms of the cabinet, being considerate of your home as they work, and proper communication.

Canlik Kitchens

The was established in 1990 and specializes in manufacturing kitchen cabinetry and kitchen makeovers. Canlik Kitchens therefore has become a center for Mississauga kitchen cabinet refacing solutions for the past thirty-plus years. They can offer you a hundred choices when it comes to the actual process of refacing your kitchen cabinets. Cabinet makers align themselves with customers and they may be in a position to develop cabinets that meet specific needs.

The best place to begin with is the Canlik Kitchens showroom.  Moreover, their experts in kitchen cabinets are available to assist you.

KAZA Refinishing

With the help of KAZA Refinishing, you can spend less on many components in your house as well as save a lot of money. For renderings, restoration, and refinishing, KAZA offers such services for stairwells, furniture, backsplashes, and cabinets. Refinishing services can be of great help when it is desired to avoid costly repairs or replacement of the surfaces. Additionally, original elements of older homes or those that give a home character can be saved with the aid of KAZA Refinishing services.

Kitchen Made New

They can provide professional advice about kitchen decor or renovations. Their makeovers & cabinet resurfacing have been an inspiring pleasure to finish for over a decade now in Mississauga. Kitchen Made New has developed a reputation throughout time that it upholds by being honest, sincere, and abiding by industry norms. Moreover, they will work within your budget and adhere to a meticulous method for cabinet refacing to give your kitchen a brand-new look.

PS Wood Finishing Ltd.

Few companies in Mississauga specialize in kitchen finishing, and refinishing and that’s why you should contact PS Wood Finishing Ltd. Additionally, PS Wood Finishing is a company that provides services such as kitchen remodeling to suit one’s taste. As for the above-discussed old or aging cabinets, PS Wood Finishing along with their expert contractors would create an extremely drastic change. They should be able to redo the cabinet’s face or sand and restain to repair any other wooden things. About their motto They have built custom for homeowners and went on to say that if they can build custom for homeowners, there is no renovation or cabinet project too difficult!

Considerations to Make While Choosing Cabinet Refacing Material


Each material has a separate pricing range and it is up to the buyer to decide which piece of furniture to select. Therefore, set your budget first to guide and channel your efforts and to minimize a test-analyze-redesign loop.

Kitchen Style

As a starting point, think about the general appearance of your kitchen. It does matter whether the furniture is transitional, modern, or traditional—choose a hue that works with the design as it is today.


Consider the durability of the materials used for even more, especially if you live in a busy house. Some materials, for example, might require more maintenance than others.

Personal Preferences

It is also relevant to know how things are disposed of and arranged by the manufacturer and how you like your things disposed and arranged.


Lastly, it’s an exciting trip to renovate and revitalize your kitchen. This renovation revitalizes your kitchen, all thanks to the help of the best cabinet refinishing service in Mississauga.  Additionally, to know more about cabinet refacing feel free to contact the team anytime.

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