The Platform To Create Efficient Real Time Online Meeting Experiences

The modern workplace thrives on connection. However, with geographically dispersed teams and diverse communication styles, creating truly efficient and engaging meetings can take time and effort. Enter the next wave of collaboration platforms. It is a solution designed to bridge the gap and foster seamless real-time interaction across all industries.

This innovative platform goes beyond basic video conferencing, offering a comprehensive suite of features to empower productive and inclusive meetings for any team dynamic. Let’s delve into the core functionalities that make it a game-changer.

Efficient online meeting experience

Tencent RTC is a platform for efficient online meeting experience:

Streamlined Room Management

Imagine a virtual space where creating, joining, or leaving meeting rooms is as effortless as entering a physical one. The platform offers a user-friendly interface for room management, allowing hosts to control room access, track room status, and establish guidelines for participation. This eliminates the confusion and delays often associated with traditional meeting setups.

Member Management at Your Fingertips

Effective meetings hinge on clear communication and active participation from all members. The platform empowers hosts to manage the audio, video, and information of participants seamlessly. Imagine having a real-time view of member statuses, allowing you to identify key players and ensure everyone feels engaged. Additionally, you can seamlessly mute/unmute individuals or control access to functionalities based on their roles within the meeting.

Personalized Experiences

One-size-fits-all approaches rarely work in the dynamic world of meetings. With the platform’s customizable user interface (UI), each participant can tailor their experience to their preferences. This might include adjusting the layout to prioritize video, text chat, or shared documents. Furthermore, the platform offers various themes and layouts to suit the specific needs of each meeting, boosting both engagement and accessibility.

Beyond the Confines of a Window

Let’s break free from the restraints of a single meeting window! This platform features a revolutionary Meeting Floating Window function. This flexibility caters to multitasking preferences and promotes a more natural flow of work during meetings.

Seamless Screen Sharing, Empowered by Control

Collaboration thrives on the ability to share ideas visually. The platform offers robust screen-sharing functionalities, allowing participants to showcase crucial documents, presentations, or even live demonstrations. Additionally, the platform empowers hosts to establish permission controls based on participant roles. This ensures focused meetings where only designated individuals can share their screens, maintaining a clear and organized flow of information.

Record and Revisit Key Moments

The platform takes meeting capture to a new level with on-cloud recording capabilities. Capture the entire meeting screen, including audio, video, and content sharing, for future reference or distribution. This allows teams to revisit key points, share recordings with absent members, or even create valuable training materials.

Universal Access from Any Device

Today’s workforce is mobile. This platform recognizes that by offering multi-terminal login capabilities. Participants can join meetings from their desktops, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. The platform seamlessly adapts to the device and ensures a consistent, high-quality experience regardless of where someone is joining from.

Microphone Management for a Balanced Discussion

Meetings thrive on active participation, but managing multiple open microphones can quickly lead to chaos. The platform offers a “raise hand” feature for participants who wish to speak, ensuring a smooth transition during discussions. Additionally, hosts can manage the number and order of active microphones, leading to more focused and productive conversations.


This innovative platform empowers truly universal meeting experiences, transcending industry boundaries. By offering online meeting with comprehensive room management, personalized UIs, and flexible features like screen sharing and cloud recording, it fosters collaborative, efficient, and engaging interactions for teams of all sizes and from all backgrounds. Imagine a future where meetings become a springboard for innovation, not a drain on productivity. This platform is the key to unlocking that reality.

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